EVENT: Antony Jenkins, Barclays CEO (2012-2015) – “Turning Values into Value: Why the financial system must continue to reform itself”

A transcript of this event is available here.

Thursday 5th May 2016, 9am-10.15am, Committee Room 14, House of Commons

“Turning Values into Value: Why the financial system must continue to reform itself”

A talk by Antony Jenkins, Barclays CEO (2012-2015)

Chaired by Peter Vicary-Smith, Group Chief Executive, Which?

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Antony will outline how the only way for the banking sector to generate sustainable returns over the long term is to act at all times with good values. In the past, banks were too aggressive, too self-serving and too focussed on the short-term and these events have led to trust in the industry sinking to an all-time low. Based on his experience at Barclays, he will examine the challenges banks will face in changing their culture and what further reforms need to be undertaken by banks, investors, regulators and policymakers. He will explain why this process of change is made more urgent by the growing disruptive threat of new technology.

At Barclays, after being appointed Group Chief Executive in August 2012 Antony launched a comprehensive programme of cultural change – known as the Transform programme. Changes included ensuring that performance and rewards were judged against a set of core values, including integrity and respect for others. As Chief Executive of the Barclays Retail bank he oversaw a move away from sales-based rewards for staff and towards rewards for overall behaviour and customer satisfaction.

Prior to being appointed Group Chief Executive, Antony was Chief Executive of Retail and Business Banking, having joined the Barclays Executive Committee in November 2009. He had been Chief Executive of Barclaycard since January 2006.

Antony started his career in finance back in 1983, when he completed the Barclays Management Development Programme before going on to hold various roles in retail and corporate banking. He moved to Citigroup in 1989, working in both London and New York.